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Commissioner: Jonas Tolliver
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Spya Travel Teams
SPYA Basketball Families   Due to school safety concerns...
Spya Travel Teams



                                 SPYA Travel Teams
   3rd & 4th Grade Travel Team Red
   Coach:Tyrone Fisher
     Hayden Choate
     Jack Duffy
     Isaiah Fisher
     Michael Grogam
     Colby Hoffman
     Jack Kostenbader
     Ryan Kostenbader
     Jake Santiago
     Jarett Tyler
     Nolan Wampler
   3rd & 4th Grade Travel Team Black
   Coach: Chris Temchatin
     Bryson Baker
     Nolan Bendetti
     Garron Bombich
     Derek Fistner
     Devansh Garg
     Kevin Jefferson
     Jacob Tawfik
     Marcus Temchatin
     Shea Thompson
     Parker Zeisloft
   5th Grade Travel Team:
   Coach: Bryan Brunnabend
     Tyler Brunnabend
     Finn Coen
     Daniel Hartnett
     Alex Horowitz
     TJ Lawrence
     Brycen Smith
     Zamin Soonasra
     Matt Stiles
     Jake Strobel
     Shaye Wannamaker
   6th Grade Travel Team 1:
   Coach: Derik Beck
     Tyler Beck
     Luke Baker
     Caleb Corsa
     Grant Damweber
     John Gerancher
     Ethan Leaks
     Blake Nassary
     Abu Rhodus
     Jude Ruisch
     Ben Taylor
   6th Grade Travel Team 2:
   Coach:Bob Vitale
     Evran Aydin
     Gabe Bamishile
     Matheus Britto
     Bear Jacobs
     Jospeh McCarty
     Tushar Mehta
     Alinur Najim
     Aiden Porras
     Jaden Quintana
     James Tyler
     Colton Vitale
   7th Grade Travel Team: 
   Coach Paul Wanamaker
     Nicholas Bauer
     Talha Cakirbay
     Elijah Cristales
     Osmany Guzman
     Mohammed Mahmud
     Keenan Michalak
     Brody Mixa
     Sawyer Unger
     Maisum Walli
     Carter Wanamaker
   8th & 9th Grade Travel Team: TBA

    Issa-Mahad Abdourazak
   Muhammad Rhodus
    Taylan Aydin
    Colby Brisendine
    Nolan Coen
    Owen DeLong
    Trevor Grice
    Thomas Hartnett
    Brady Hayward
    Connor Johns
    Michael Kohler
    Evan Moge
    Lenny Paez
    Edgardo Paz-Romero
    Josh Pulver
    Matthew Ringold
    Owen Rodgers
    Robbie Ruisch
Jaiden Wanamaker
   Zaire Smaltz
   Jack Tyler


by posted 10/13/2019

SPYA Basketball Families


Due to school safety concerns and past issues, the Parkland School District has the following requirements for use of their gyms:

  1. Gym/School doors are to remain locked at all times when SPYA is using the facilities.
  2. SPYA is required to have an adult at every practice and game to monitor the gym entrance and hallways around the gym.
  3. No person is to prop any door open at any time for any reason.
  4. No family is to drop their children at any gym without verifying that a coach is on site.
  5. Do not allow your children to go onto the school stages or play with the phones that are in the hallways.

posted 12/26/2014
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