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Commissioner: Jonas Tolliver
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Spya Basketball Information
Spya Basketball Program Information: *The registration link is...

Hello everyone the Fall/Winter 2019 Basketball registration is now...

Basketball Programs Available: COED Kindergarten: $100.00 COED...
SPYA Basketball Families   Due to school safety concerns...
Spya Basketball Information

Spya Basketball Program Information:

*The registration link is for Travel and Rec. Please register your child, once tryout schedules are completed they will be posted and your child will have an opportunity to tryout for Travel. If your child does not make travel they will have a spot on a rec team which also has evalutions.

* Travel basketball season will start based on gym time late November or early December. Travel practices start a few weeks before the games and are usually twice a week depending on age group. Gym locations will be posted once teams have been picked. Travel basketball games start before Rec therefore Travel will most likely start practicing before rec.

* Rec basketball season games start the first week of January. Rec Practice starts in late November early December and is once a week until December and then we have Saturdays. Once games start teams lose there Saturday practice.

*Your child is only allowed to play for one organization, please keep this in mind when registering. If your child signs up for more than one organization they will have to choose one and refunds will be given on a case by case basis. Thank you for your continued cooperation of this rule.


Times/Dates and practice schedules will not be available until after registration closes and teams have been selected.

Tryout schedules are not completed yet, an email will be sent in the next few weeks with the schedule.


Please check this website regularly for updates.


Spya Basketball

by posted 09/04/2019

Hello everyone the Fall/Winter 2019 Basketball registration is now open.

A few housekeeping items regular registration ends OCT 13th, 2019 after that there will be a late registration link sent that will close Nov 17th 2019 and an additional 20 late fee will be assessed. Please keep looking at the website for tryout schedules to be posted soon.

We are in the process of moving over to a new system (TeamSnap)

Please use the following link to register for Fall 2019 Basketball.

You will need to setup a new account for yourself similar to the process when you first registered on our current site.

If you have any issues or questions please email 

by posted 09/01/2019

Basketball Programs Available:

COED Kindergarten: $100.00
COED 1st Grade: $100.00
COED 2nd Grade: $100.00
Boys 3rd Grade (3rd and 4th): $100.00
Boys 4th Grade (3rd and 4th): $100.00
Girls 3rd Grade (3rd and 4th): $100.00
Girls 4th Grade (3rd and 4th): $100.00
Boys 5th Grade (5th and 6th): $100.00
Boys 6th Grade (5th and 6th): $100.00
Girls 5th Grade (5th and 6th): $100.00
Girls 6th Grade (5th and 6th): $100.00
Boys 7th Grade (7th and 8th): $100.00
Boys 8th Grade (7th and 8th): $100.00
Girls 7th Grade (7th and 8th): $100.00
Girls 8th Grade (7th and 8th): $100.00
Boys 9th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00
Boys 10th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00
Boys 11th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00
Boys 12th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00
Girls 9th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00
Girls 10th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00
Girls 11th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00
Girls 12th Grade (9th and 12th): $100.00


by posted 09/01/2019

SPYA Basketball Families


Due to school safety concerns and past issues, the Parkland School District has the following requirements for use of their gyms:

  1. Gym/School doors are to remain locked at all times when SPYA is using the facilities.
  2. SPYA is required to have an adult at every practice and game to monitor the gym entrance and hallways around the gym.
  3. No person is to prop any door open at any time for any reason.
  4. No family is to drop their children at any gym without verifying that a coach is on site.
  5. Do not allow your children to go onto the school stages or play with the phones that are in the hallways.

posted 12/26/2014
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