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South Parkland Basketball Gym Guidelines
South Parkland Youth Association is very appreciative of the schools providing the use of their gymnasiums for our sports programs. Cetronia, Fogelsville, Springhouse, and Parkway Manor allow access to their gyms from October through March for the basketball program. South Parkland will have nearly 750 registered children playing basketball in these gyms every day of the week. In addition, there will be numerous siblings at the gyms watching practice. There have been isolated problems over the years some of which include: vandalism, food and beverages on the floor and stage areas, fire alarm activation, children roaming the halls, etc. The schools are now taking an active role in how we conduct our basketball program and to a greater extent how we plan to eliminate these problems. A zero tolerance rule will be implemented as we begin a proactive program to eliminate the above problems. If we don’t eliminate the problems we may loose gym time or the use of a school completely.

Please follow the guidelines below:
1. Do not pull the fire alarms. South Parkland must pay for the call. Please supervise all of your children.
2. No small children in the hallways or classrooms at any time. Damage has occurred to school projects. Please bring appropriate items to practice to keep siblings occupied. South Parkland also pays for damage.
3. No food or beverages in the gym or stage areas.
4. The stage area is not a playground. It is to be used as a sitting area only.
5. Please supervise your children. Please do not leave them in the gym, hallway, or bathrooms unattended.
6. Do not bring chairs to games or practices as these damage the gym floor.
7. Coaches are not babysitters. They are volunteering their time to coach basketball. This season we will request that all coaches assign a team parent during each practice and game to enforce the above guidelines to preserve our valuable gym time and to keep our schools looking pristine.

We will be expecting a short document from each coach listing their plan to implement the above guidelines. Each school will be provided a complete list of the teams/coaches that use the gym and their scheduled times.

Thank you for your cooperation.